Barcelona, Spain

My trip to Barcelona was short, sweet and left me wanting more. The food, architecture and vibrance of the city was palpable in every corner. Walking down La Rambla is where you can feel it the most. Shops line either sides with a bustling market. Porcelain everywhere, nick knacks and souvenirs displayed in their technicolor glory. 

I couldn't wait to get started around the city. Somehow I quickly found my airbnb (the only way to travel abroad, I swear!) and was out the door prowling for food. Something that I always forget to take into consideration is what we jokingly call, "The Awkward Time," when the city and its shop owners seem to be napping. Kitchens are usually closed during this time and it makes finding a real meal difficult. I wandered down the street and found a shop open and ordered one of the best meals I've had the pleasure of munching. A rice and truffle oil dish drizzled in a balsamic reduction served with a side of sangria. Heaven. Pure and simple. 

For me Barcelona was a bit of an anomaly. I was quiet and introspective. I spent hours looking at architecture and listening to the waves rhythmically beat on the shore. It was relaxing. I felt a stillness in my soul mixed with the energy to thrive and create. I wrote more in those few days away than I had in a long while.  I saw so many beautiful things, Casa Batlló, Ciutadella Park, La Barceloneta, La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell and Vila de Gràcia to name a few. This city has so many beautiful places, every corner there is something beautiful to be seen.

That's what Barcelona will do to you. It sucks you in, wraps you in a warm embrace and tells you to create your future. It's a truly beautiful experience.