Brembate, Italy

The family I nannied for might not have been the best fit (you can read more about that here, but boy did I love their home. It was older than the USA, people! My room was the "newer," part of the home but still felt a bit like living in a cave. I never got a picture of my room, how silly. But if you look at the first image, the first set of long shutters was the door to my little nanny suite. I had a living room with a pool table, a bathroom and a little room just the right size for me. The gardens became my safe space, I loved being there. Lots of yoga, reading and tea drinking happened. The coolest part about the garden was there is a small tunnel that leads you there. It was made so that you don't have to cross the street to get to the garden. Anyone who has lived in Italy and driven there knows this is a really great idea because Italian drivers are crazy (you can read about the time I nearly blew up the car and learned how to drive stick shift, both things were hilarious.) 

The house is HUGE. As you can probably tell. One part of the house was sectioned off because it is just too expensive to heat it all! The grandmother lived above me in her own type of suite and the Uncle lived up the tower. How crazy is that? I can't imagine having a home big enough that you would literally never know who or how many people were home at once. It was truly a fabulous experience getting to live in a home with so much history.