Is your refrigerator running....better go catch it!

I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye as I leaned over to open the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. To my horror, I realized that movement wasn't the door moving in a closing motion, it was moving off the hinges and onto the floor. The door that my host mom had been, "Meaning to call about," for two weeks finally gave up.

Time seemed to move in slow motion, and I froze.  I watched as the heavy mirrored fridge door fell - directly into the glass of the oven door.

"Oh. My. God....." those were the only words I could muster as Clalia, the house maid, and I stood staring at  the shattered door between us. 

My first thought was, 'Of course. Of course it would be me to open the door and have it fall. It couldn't be Sabine. Or Carlo. Or Stephen. Or Clalia. Or Elizabetta. Or one of the million people that are in and out of the villa. No, it HAD to be ME.'

Sabine has made a running joke of this the past few weeks since, "the incident," occurred. She keeps telling me that I really must attend church, get some good karma or whatever it takes to wash off the bad luck. Honestly, I'm slightly concerned that I may actually burst into flames if I cross the threshold of a church because my luck has just been that bad lately. 

But, there is a silver lining to this story. I won't be remembered as that nanny that always said no to ice cream and hours on end of TV. I won't be remembered as the strict nanny who sucks at Monopoly (ok, maybe). I will be the nanny that lives on in infamy as the girl who managed to break the fridge and oven in one fell swoop - literally.  



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