Halloween 2015

Halloween this year was a little different than the ones I've had before. Italy isn't huge on Halloween for some crazy reason. I'm used to getting together with a group of friends and freezing as we walk down the street to whatever house is having a party.

I've always been a huge fan of Halloween and after telling my host mom Sabine this, she insisted that we host a Halloween party at the villa. Something we expected to be small ended up being 40 kids and their parents. Sabine had hired a few actors that led the kids around the villa and did a kind of murder mystery type activity and we had more food than we could eat (no, seriously, it's November 4th and I'm still eating focaccia bread). 

But after a few hours of this, I was super excited to get to Bergamo with some friends and go out dancing. I am notorious for getting lost when driving. It took me a solid hour to find Janouk's house (which it really should not have taken that long, haha!).  My feet were tired, my face makeup was kinda starting to itch and I could feel my inner 99 year old start to peek her head out and wonder if I should have just stayed home and watched Hocus Pocus for the 2nd time that day.

After awhile at Janouk's we made our way to a few bars - and we were the only ones dressed up. The first bar we went to was doing face painting which was super cool and made me wish I had tried just a touch harder on my own sugar skull. I met a lot of new people which was so needed. Not having a go to group of friends has been the hardest part of my transition here in Italy, and I've been really lucky to find friends who ask me to hang out all the time. 

By the time 3 am rolled around, my inner 99 year old was out in full force. I watched as they continued to dance and party the night away from the arm of a couch pushed against the club's wall. As much as I love being 23, I frequently wonder how people my age go out and party every weekend. I kept catching myself thinking things like, "I swear if this guy tries to kiss me one more time I'm going to punch him in the face," and, "Man these shoes could really use some Dr. Scholl's inserts. I wonder if they have those here. Oh man, what I would give for a pair of flip flops right now!" 

I can't help but laugh at myself sometimes. I guess I've just got to take this year as an opportunity to let go a little bit more and to remember to stop taking everything so seriously all the time. 23 has been a weird age so far. I feel like I'm too old to do the things that I still wish I could (sometimes I just want to stay in bed and watch Disney movies all day, ok?) but I'm too emotionally naive to do things that others my age have already accomplished like marriage and becoming a parent. 23 is this weird limbo of adults telling me to enjoy my life and then in the next breath reminding me that I'll need a real job soon to start repaying all those student loans. 23 definitely isn't as fun as 22, no wonder Taylor Swift hasn't made a song about it yet! 

But, even with all the life epiphanies that came this year, Halloween 2015 was definitely a success. (And now I can officially start obsessing about Christmas.)




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