The Montana Invasion

Most of my friends have been doing the whole, "adult," thing lately. My newsfeed on Facebook is flooded with engagements, baby arrivals, wedding photos and growing families. So, it was to my own surprise when I saw Jamin and Breezy's engagement photos that my first thought was, "WELL FINALLY."  Generally, these announcements make me want to crack open a bottle of wine and contemplate why I am still single as single gets. I liked the status and left a comment on her pictures to show some support for my DG sister, and assumed that would be the end of it. 

To my surprise, Breezy messaged me saying that she was still in Europe, and that they were actually headed to Northern Italy soon. A few days later I stood in the front of the train station in central Bergamo waiting for their arrival. I was ecstatic. What are the odds that some of my fellow Montanan's would happen to be in where I live out of the blue? 

I have been telling people until I'm blue in the face to come visit me, but I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't actually get guests. Italy is kind of expensive to travel to from the US and most of my college friends and I are all experiencing that post-grad student loan mountain (or at least that's the theme of my life). But, when in Rome, uh I mean, Bergamo, right?

I knew from Facebook that Breezy and Jamin were that sickly sweet kind of couple. You know the kind, the ones with all the lovely candid photos and the perfect dog and all the just adorableness that radiates. Well, in person the love between these two is palpable.

Relationship envy doesn't even begin to describe how stinking adorable these two are. 

As we sat sipping drinks in an Irish style pub in the center of Bergamo, I watched as they smiled at each other and made their plans together for the next leg of the journey. Talking about wine and cheese picnics, dinners with old friends and where the best place to buy Breezy a good backpack before they headed for Switzerland. We ended the night with a few of my new friends and they all said the same things, these two are just too cute for words.

Their stay with me at the villa was a short one, but it was a lot of fun to have a little piece of Montana with me in Italy for a moment. 

I'm amazed that after a few weeks of traveling together these two have clearly only become closer and stronger. I think that traveling with the one you love is a huge test on your relationship and your true character comes out.

I'm a stress cadet when I travel. I have to be to the airport 2 hours early - regardless of airport size. Yes, I get to the Missoula airport that early because I am a control freak, what can I say. I pack, re-pack, over pack and somehow never pack enough. I bring clothes that I never wear. I always forget shampoo. My check list is always a mile long and my carry on is always too heavy for me to get in the overhead compartment by myself. 

But, to see Jamin and Breezy traveling together gives me a little hope for the future. Someday I won't be taking a year to myself. I won't be asking strangers to shove my heavy luggage into the overhead compartment for me. I'll have a shoulder to sleep on instead of always booking the window seat to snuggle up to the side of the plane. I'll have someone who doesn't mind getting to the airport early and getting a coffee and talking while we wait to board. Someday might seem like a long ways off still, but the hopeless romantic in me thinks it will happen someday. 

My Grandma Great always says, "The best visits are short, sweet and hard to beat!" Thank you Jamin and Breezy for coming to visit me.  I wish you all the best in your marriage and your lives together. Keep making the rest of us want to vomit at how adorable your relationship is, keep traveling together, keep giving us all relationship envy and never stop loving each other. 

Fino alla prossima volta, 

Brooke JohnstonComment