Trading the Big Sky for the Big Apple

       While cleaning out my phone gallery on the plane to New York, it hit me for the first time that I'm not coming back for a whole year.  Scrolling through the memories of trips gone by I thought, "Yay, now I will have so much room for this trip!"
       I'm not sure why that thought was the one to make the reality of not coming home set in, but it did. Excitement rushed through my veins, and was quickly followed by a wave of fear. Slowly, I laid down my phone on the airplane tray table and stared blankly at the seat in front of me. 
       What the heck am I going to do for the next year? I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that I will not see my friends or family for the next year without technology. No white Christmas in Montana, no celebrating New Year’s downtown in Missoula and no summer vacations to Vegas. 
      Hopefully I will get a Christmas with my new Milan family somewhere I've never been, a New years in a town I haven't heard of with new friends I’ve yet to meet, and summer vacations on beaches that I've only dreamt of.
       The first step getting there was a daylong trek to New York City. Loving parents and youngest brother to see me off, I boarded my first plane at 7:35 a.m. from Billings and landed in Denver an hour and a half later. From Denver, I flew to Phoenix, another short flight. Both those legs of the journey I was asleep before the plane took off. The last leg to New York was different - only 4 hours long. I prepared to sleep through the flight with no problem - until I started scrolling through my phone.
       Wide awake I started mapping out my plans for the next two weeks. Tall buildings, bustling subways, and millions of new faces were only the start to my crazy adventure. By that time there was no point in trying to sleep. I let the excitement sink in and let my mind race with the finally settling reality of spending a year on my own.
       I touched down at 11:45 pm, concluding my long and tiring day. By the time I met Jess in baggage pick-up, my mind was exhausted and all I could think about was food and, more importantly, sleep. My few possessions in hand, Jess and I walked out of JFK airport and into my first New York taxi ride. 
       My week in New York was absolutely amazing. I still can't process how many things I’ve done and seen in those short 7 days and how much I learned about myself. Click on the galleries to scroll through my different adventures and to see pictures of all the crazy buildings, Gossip Girl sites and of course, what would a week in New York be without doing a photoshoot in Central Park? 

Fino alla prossima volta, 
(Until next time)


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