The Art of Adventuring

London was the first place anywhere in the world I had a pumpkin spice latte. 

I sat next to the windows at the store's front. It was entirely glass and perfect for people watching as they came out of Kings Cross station. Rain streaked the glass and the coffee warmed my soul.

Finally, I had made it. Or in my own silly sense of the world, I had made it. For years I woke up early every morning to make it to a coffee shop and envied the customers who came in ordered their coffee in a glass mug and read the paper.

Oblivious to the chaos behind the counter, their mornings slipped into the early afternoon before they stood up, folded their paper and started their activities for the remainder of their day. 

For the next 3 years, I put on my apron, steamed milk,  timed shots and put on my best customer service smile when all I could do is fantasize about being in London. It felt like an impossible dream. Something that was reserved for someone other than me. 

That chilly August morning I looked out at London and smiled. It was my turn to be the customer that the barista looked at and wondered, "What is she doing here?" In return, I asked myself every morning, "What should I see today?"

It was beyond satisfying. This was something I honestly NEVER believed I would be doing. London was just the first bite of this kind of leisure. 

Every morning in Italy I got up, got the kids to school and then made my way to my favorite cafe for a walnut caramel pastry (noci brioche) and a latte macchiato. I got to know the baristas, they got to know me. Every morning, laptop in hand I sat and wrote about my travels and poured over the pictures taken from the past week's adventure. 


Now I sit here at my desk in Montana and reminisce about how far away that feels again. What I love is that we never know for certain how far away the next adventure might be. For me I feel like work has consumed my life once again, back to slinging coffee in the morning and helping agents by the afternoon, but I can't help but feel that there's something big just around the corner, waiting for me to find it. 


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