How To Get What You Want In 5 Years or Less

At work, Gary Keller is king, what Gary says is law. So, when I heard the quote from Gary that we are never more than 5 years away from our goal I started thinking. 

How in the world was I gonna be a working from a beach in 5 years? Is that actually possible? 

As most of you know, travel is my real passion. Unfortunately, we all also know that travel is ridiculously expensive sometimes. No matter how good you are at budgeting, saving and creating good spending habits, accomplishing anything in 5 years seems overwhelming. 

I don't know about you, but I wasn't taught goal setting in school. Basically, the goal was to get out of school as quickly as possible and avoid taking out any more loans. Looking back now, I realize that if I had been given the proper tools and really understood what it meant to graduate college I could have done it faster. 

Where I messed up was I didn't realize I could work smarter about my credits. I could have taken more classes that, "double dipped," and counted for more categories. I should have realized that to achieve any goal there has to be a time frame. 

My last semester was really stressful. I realized that I was going to be a few credits short and might have to go an extra semester, which was the absolute last thing I wanted. I buckled down, ponied up and took 21 upper division credits on top of working 20 hours a week and participating in my sorority. 

By the time I had that diploma in hand, I felt like I had accomplished so much because I had a goal, I worked hard and I broke it into attainable steps. But now, I look to my future and think, "What the heck is my 5-year goal? Do I even have one?"

So if I could have anything in 5 years time, I'd be living abroad and traveling and helping others do the same. How, though? GK says to break it down into small attainable steps.

Let's go.

1. What’s the one thing I want to do someday?

2. Based on my someday goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do in the next five years?

3. Based on my five-year goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this year?

4. Based on my one-year goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this month?

5. Based on my monthly goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this week?

6. Based on my weekly goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do today

7. Based on my daily goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do right now?

Those 7 questions make it a lot easier to swallow when thinking about a 5-year goal. If I had known those 7 questions before starting college, I think I could have come into it more focused, ready and would have accomplished my goals quicker. 

What's your ONE Thing you want in 5 years? Do you have a plan? Tell me about it in the comments!

Brooke JohnstonComment