Pinterest - your unexpected travel hero

I simply cannot count how many times I have turned to pinterest for advice on where to go for a trip. 

Before Italy was a for sure thing, I created a Pinterest Board called, "My Italian life," as a vision board that I would get my visa, that I would live abroad. 

That little board was filled to the brim of things that I absolutely couldn't wait to do, and it left my Italian friends saying, "How the hell did you find these things? I've lived here my whole life and have never heard of this!"

If hearing that doesn't make you feel like a rockstar travel planner I don't know what will. I owe it all to Pinterest. There were so many amazing things at my finger tips that I knew I  was going to see someday.  Pinterest is how  I discovered:

The Statue of Colossus outside Florence


Those were only the start. Pinterest is amazing in the way that it gives you options to click on after you start your search. Want off the beaten paths? Tab for that. Food? Tab for that. Boyfriends? Tab for that. (Just kidding. That's a different topic for a different day.)

Basically what I'm telling you is that if you aren't on Pinterest and you're serious about travel, why aren't you taking advantage of it? 

I love that you can organize, save and find every single pin in an instant. I have so many board with so many things that it makes it super easy to find what you need and love. Check out my pinterest boards and then start making your own and sharing what you find! 


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