Make This A Habit Starting October 1st To Make 2018 A Success

I honestly can't believe that Sunday is October 1st. 

How is it October and how have I accomplished nothing I set out to achieve back in January? 

In the blink of an eye 2017 has nearly passed us, but we still have hope and one quarter to set us up for a fantastic New Year. 

For me I want to get back to living in Europe as soon as possible. If working a desk job has taught me anything, I need to be exploring and adventuring to make it feel like my time has been well traded. 

I did not balance life and work at all this year and a big part of that was because I did not manage my finances well. I could talk until I am blue in the face about how important spending is and how we need to make smart decisions now to help us in the future. I failed epically on that this past year and for one simple reason. 

I stopped keeping track of my spending. 

Sounds simple enough right? Be conscious of your spending and knowing where every cent is going. It is actually a lot harder than it seemed. Even with my awesome excel sheet I made, I got lazy and stopped tracking each outgoing expense. Slowly my bad habits crept in. I ordered lunch instead of making it, I spent more money that I budgeted for everyday items, I bought food that went bad and threw it away without eating it. I was wasteful and hurting my own goals with these silly mistakes. 

So, starting October 1st I am starting over and tracking my expenses for the next 3 months to create a whole new budget for 2018. 

This is the perfect time for you to take advantage of it, too. Three months will give you a great average on all areas of your budget and income. Not sure where to start? Go read my earlier article, "How I saved $7,000 in three years," to get details on how I break down my monthly budget into digital envelopes. 

Finances are something we were not taught in school as a general education. Don't be embarrassed if you haven't budgeted before. Comment below or send me an email and let me help you!

Together we can achieve your financial goals and help you build the life you want instead of living paycheck to paycheck.


Brooke Johnston3 Comments