When in Italy....

“Is what I’m wearing ok,” I asked as I looked down at my black tights, maroon skater skirt and my loose cropped black sweater. “I’ve never done this before, so I’m not exactly sure what one wears to a waxing of…..down there.”

Amanda just laughed and reassured me that I was overthinking it.

“The outfit is totally fine, I wore a skirt last time. It’s really not that bad! And it beats shaving all the time,” she said.

I mean she had to be right, right? I absolutely hate shaving my lady parts. It takes up so much time, I always have razor burn and within a few days it’s prickly and uncomfortable. Now with summer quickly approaching, the thought of sporting razor burn for the whole world to see during my travels on the Italian coast was not what I wanted to be doing. Italy has been my time to try new things, why not add Brazilian wax to the list of things that I did while living abroad?

Nervous doesn’t even begin to cover what I was feeling as we walked to the spa.

“So, how bad was it the first time,” I asked Amanda for the millionth time.

“It really wasn’t so bad. Like yeah it hurt but this is a month later and this is usually what it looks like four days after I’ve shaved.”

Amanda isn’t the shy type. She’s very open about everything, just ask our friend Lily, she may even argue that Amanda is entirely too open sometimes. This being said, I knew that Amanda was the perfect friend to bring with me as I had a stranger spread hot wax on my nether region and rip it off.

“We’re here,” sang Amanda as she pushed the small white button to buzz us into the building.

“Buongiorno,” the assistant greeted us as we walked into the small ammonia filled room.

It’s very clean in here, I thought. Good. That’s a good sign. I’d definitely have to bail on this idea if it was dirty in here.

“So you’re gonna go first, right,” I asked Amanda. I figured this was a good way to scope out what the heck I’d have to be doing after instead of going in blind. But, as fate would have it, Angelica rounded the corner, pointed at me and said, “Pronti?” Dang. I had to go first. I could feel my face flush red as I nodded and followed her into the next space where she handed me a paper thong and told me to undress.

“Brooke, you can keep your socks on,” yelled Amanda from the front room.

“Dude! Good call on that one,” I yelled back. “I really need to repaint my toes!”

Yeah, Brooke. Because she’s really gonna judge the quality of your toenail polish as she’s waxing your vagina. I thought to myself.

This string of odd inner monologue about whether or not I should have had a pedicure before my Brazilian wax continued as I climbed up on the table and laid there awkwardly.

“Ready,” I called. Angela and Amanda entered the room and without missing a beat, Angela took my right leg and told me to spread out like a frog.

Oh dear lord. I think they are seeing more of me than my gynecologist.

I looked up and Amanda gave me the thumbs up and said in a cheerful voice, “I think we have very similar vaginas!”

It was then that I also noticed that the door was wide open, and the assistant was staring in. Amanda had warned me of this before. She’s studying to go into this and it’s just part of the drill. Three people staring at my who-ha underneath bright lights – brilliant.

The wax itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I expected it to be more painful afterwards. I say this now looking back on it, but don’t get me wrong, it was definitely painful in the moment. Angela didn’t speak any English so it was actually a welcome distraction as I tried to keep up with the conversation as Amanda and Angela babbled away in Italian.

Before I knew it, the waxing was over and I leaped off the table and redressed as fast as I could. Almost as quickly, Amanda had already shed her clothing and hopped up, legs spread on the freshly changed table.

Since she had been in the month before hers took less time, something I’m looking forward to experiencing the next time. Yes, I did just say next time.

As awkward and embarrassing as it was, I actually enjoyed it. Stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something I thought I would never ever do was really exciting. It’s not like I jumped out of a plane, or risked my life doing something but it was new and in a way, adventurous. I got to bond with my friend on a whole new level, I got to practice my Italian (or lack thereof) and more so, I did something that I thought would make me die of embarrassment and look at that, I survived.

But, I think before next time, I just might have to get a pedicure.

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