Is what you are trading your life for worth it?


I often find myself discontent in the moment. I say things like, "For the mean time I'm just working," or, "I'm just waiting for the next adventure to come," or the most used, "I'm saving up some money for now, when I have the money I'll go." 

I never realized what a magical time the meanwhile is. It is more than just an inbetween time waiting for the main action to start, it in itself is an event. Planning, preparation and patience are grown here and it has taught me a lot about who I am. 


A restless spirit lives within me, and I am always eagerly awaiting the next big thing and hating the time between. It wasn't until my move back to the USA that I realized how silly and impractical hating the meanwhile was. 

This site is your guide to mastering the meanwhile and planning your next trip. Learn to budget. Declutter your life. Become a travel wizard. Follow along and stop waiting for the next adventure.

Make the most of the meanwhile.