Climbing the tallest mountain in Europe

A weekend away in the mountains was exactly what I had been needing. I wasn't exactly thrilled that I'd be doing it with Emilio, Bianca and Nicolo (a friend of Bianca's), but a free vacation to the mountains was too good to pass up. 

In typical family vacation style, we planned to leave Brembate at 2 pm on Saturday. After a late lunch, car trouble and packing problems we left Brembate at 5 pm. In my typical Brooke fashion I was asleep before we made it to the first toll out of Brembate. Sabine woke me up three hours later to tell me that we were finally there. The three story brown and green chalet was just dripping of Italian style. We dragged our luggage up the steep hill and into the first floor of the chalet. Unfortunately, I continued my climb up to the third floor - with all the children. As they ran around screaming in the Harry Potter cupboard sized attic (I actually had to walk ducked all the time to avoid the ceiling beams) I reminded myself to be thankful for this trip, to be thankful that I have this opportunity and to not let the screaming children ruin my mood.

The next morning I woke to the most beautiful surprise I've ever had. The small rectangular window perfectly framed the mountain and the sunlight streamed in. Since it was dark when we arrived, I had not been expecting this gorgeous scene.

Sabine, Vincenza, Emilio, Bianca and I bundled up and headed for Monte Bianco the tallest mountain in the European Alps. I laughed as the piled on snowpants, layers of shirts and the works. I put on a thick emerald sweater and a vest. The moms looked at me in shock as I assured them I would be more than warm enough. "I'm from Montana," I kept reassuring them. "It's gonna be fine, just watch."

I was right. We took three skylifts up the side of the mountain on one of the most beautiful days I've ever experienced in my life. The air was cold and crisp. The sun was bright and warm on my skin. I never wanted to leave the mountain. I was in awe of it's stoic standing. The pictures in this gallery hardly to the mountain justice, but I hope you enjoy them all the same.