Park Guell

Barcelona, spain

I still have dreams about this city and the amazing food I ate here. Park Guell was a bit of a problem child. I knew I wanted to go, I knew that tickets sold out, but I didn't care and didn't plan well for this. Where I was staying was REALLY FAR from the park. Frankly from what I remember all the subway stops were nowhere even close to this park. Long story short, the first blistering hot afternoon I ventured to the park it was sold out. So I went to the beach (great trade off, am I right?)

The next morning I set out early, pre purchased ticket in hand. It wasn't as miserable climbing up the steep hills leading to the park with the morning shade. I had stopped for some brioche at the bakery next to the airbnb and took my time enjoying this masterpiece. The photos aren't even close to doing it justice. Make sure to follow me @themeanwhile on Instagram to see even more pictures and get behind the scenes details on this amazing park.